Friday, July 18, 2014

The sunken base

Hello again! do you know what the Ludum Dare Competition is?. Well I participated during Ludum Dare 29!, my game was not overall good enough, excepting in graphics which I consider the position fairly decent. My scores among the 2496 competitors where:

RATINGS #186   Graphics    3.82
#299   Theme       3.56
#425   Overall       3.31
#638   Innovation  2.94
#798   Fun            2.75
#2022 Coolness   20%

The main theme of the LD29 was "Beneath the surface".

My game is called THE SUNKEN BASE, it's about a random generated "ship-like" dungeon, in which the water level is raising while you find the way to the next floor. To beat the game you have to reach the surface level of the base, in every map the water rises faster than previous, if you got drowned you loose.

The game can be a bit confusing, as there are not many different rooms (The competition was in 48 hours!), but if you are very concentrated maybe the levels will not be a problem for you ;)



Here is the web based version. GIVE IT A TRY!
Use WASD to move around, Spacebar to jump, and you have to find a portal on the floor, it shines with a green light.