Sunday, September 7, 2014

Into The Gloom! Now with new features!

Hello again! It's been some time since the last time I posted something :D, I was busy with my projects, you know, I prefer to use the time developing instead of just talking about the projects, but this time I need your help! As you see the above picture, I'm working in the multilingual version of Into The Gloom, Japanese is ready to be launched, probably in 1 day, also, the German translation is being worked on. The game will feature all the languages in the same .exe instead of separated version like I've planned before.

So, this version will be available on Desura, it has nothing to do with Steam. The thing with Steam is about the New Game+, I'm planing to add all the mentioned in the picture, but that would work best with the steam achievement system, that will motivate the completion of task such as finding some secret hidden objects along the maps(NOTE: New Game+ will be unlocked after you won the game for the first time), these maps will be expanded is some cases, making possible a wide variety of new complex puzzles, also making speed-run goals like beating the game in X time, and well, overall I'll add a lot of new stuff so you can fully enjoy Into The Gloom.

Only with your vote that fantastic version will be available, please spread the word, tell your friends and post in twitter, I'm very excited with putting my hands on that version, all your support will speed up the process.

Best wishes for you! thanks for reading, understanding and helping me in the development process.
Sincerely, Emmanuel Ramos(earrgames).