Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Quick Note:

Hi ;), my blog have been a bit inactive forsome months, but everything is fine, I'm just busy and well, I don't waste much time showing every pixel of progress on my projects, So far, if you want to know what is going on.

  1. I'm about to finish Into The Gloom NG+, it will mostly feature additional maps that will explain a bit more the situation there, and also, 3 secret endings.
  2. The metroidvania....well, I can't say it's dead, because it was never started, that is just random pixel art concept, however, I plan to make on eventually :D
  3. About new small games/jam games I've not been able to join another since a lot of time, I joined in the last ludum dare, but I can't say the theme motivated me enough, I started with a big idea I could not finish, theme was too wide and, well, not inspiring at all, at least for me.
Anyway, I hope to release Into The Gloom on Steam soon, I hope you enjoy it even morethan Desura  version ;). 

Cheers, Emmanuel.