Friday, July 18, 2014

Where to find: Royalty Free Resources for your games!

Hello people. If you are reading this is because you are a curious man or you are an indie developer looking for free stuff(You can actually use these resources commercially) to use without getting in troubles(Legal stuff, copyright infringement) in your games, either for saving time or you just can't make them yourself.

The resources sites I'm going to show you limits itself to High Quality texture (Some of them already tiled), sound resources and music for your game.

So, why doesn't I post 3D models and sprites sites?, well, if you have ever modeled, you must know they consist of mesh and UV coords, and generally, when you download a resource, you tend to edit something of it, and for editing a 3D model vertex and coords it's almost preferably to made one from scratch. And in the case of sprites, in most projects you'll have to maintain your own art style, and finding compatible resources through many sites is really stressing.

Before continuing, I'll give you some tips for looking free stuff over the internet.


1-Don't search for "Royaty Free": Royalty free doesn't mean that is actually free, royalty free means that you don't have to pay royalties to the creator of the resource for each copy of whatever you are selling, but extra terms may be included in the license, like distribution limitations, derivative work restriction, and blabla...

1-Look for "Creative commons" based resources: This is the most secure way of finding and using others resources... "but there are to many acronyms, by, nc, sa, nd.... ". The creative commons licenses are very flexible in the way they are made, and are perfectly understandable once you know how the system works.

So, lets get started with the resource sites!(Click the pictures to visit the sites) is a High Quality texture resource site, you can do a lot of things with all the content found in there, thousands of free to use(even commercially) textures, many of them are tileable. "It's there any trick with this site?"  No, as far as I know. I have seen many of these textures on many 3D models and games over the internet, so I can almost guarantee they are safe to use. Even though the resources are not based on Creative Commons licenses, the website owner answered the more common questions about the usage. View FAQs

So, you almost finished your award winning game! "but... I can't make my own music, it's too hard or laborious for me..". Don't worry! to the rescue! yes, the have very good music based on Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0, that means you can do whatever you want with that music as long as you credit the author properly! it's also a nice addition to your game credits!. Their site has a very comfortable search engine by music genre, and you can preview the soundtrack before downloading!
"My game looks amazing!, but I don't know why it fells soo empty..." Has that ever happened to you? well, that's because your sound is not well implemented, or there are very few ones along your game. It's time!. This site licensing is not that simple as the other sites, they have a wide variety of creative common based licenses. Now that you know what license suits your needs(You must know which one! or didn't you read the license explanations at the beginning of this post?), you just have to look over the site with the filter engines. This is a very big and active community, you can also upload your sounds and help others in their projects(They will credit you if your license applies). If you still are unsure if the license picked is legally correct for your project, well, just post your question at the end of the entry.
NOTE: The best license to find more resources is Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Cheers! and good luck with your projects! ;)

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