Monday, April 3, 2017

Downbreak! (Currently in Greenlight).

People swept mines for ages... but now things have changed!

Downbreak brings back elements of the classic Minesweeper with a retro style modernized design, different & challenging new game mechanics and humorous presentation.

This time there will be gravity. The bombs will fall and stack as you make your way down through over 300 challenging levels. The game is divided into 6 episodes, each episode have several towers which consist of a number of connected levels. Try to uncover the secret that lies in the foundations of the ancient towers and go back home with the treasure... if you can!

After several months of hiatus (not releasing anything) I decided to try out this little concept. Downbreak is maybe an strange game and certainly not for everyone, but if you like minesweeper you might really enjoy this game.

Downbreak Features:
  • Over 300 campaign levels featuring refreshing gameplay mechanics as you progress.
  • Loads of magic items to use at your advantage.
  • Plenty of random minigames (13 in total) to get rewarded for your skills.
  • 3 Unlockable extra modes in addition to the Campaign Mode.
    • Classic Mode: Play a wide variety of maps without gravity and just like in the classic game!
    • Challenge Mode: Clear the level before the timer runs out and without dying!
    • Infinite Mode: Test your patience and focus on reaching as far as you can in the infinite towers.
  • Online leaderboards: Try to beat your friends' scores in any of the game modes and get your place in the leaderboards!    

So well, the game is almost finished, it still needs the steam API to add the online Leaderboards, achievements and those kind of things. Right now I'm just testing, adding more polish and fixing errors, but you see I really don't know how long will it take to pass Greenlight. If you feel you might like this game and want to support the project you could give it your vote in Greenlight and or spread the voice, I would really appreciate that.

In the coming weeks a pseudo demo version could come, I'm thinking it will be a small browser based game here at my site, I have to do my research first to know if it can be done of course. So anyway, my deepest appreciation to you for spending some minutes of your life reading this post, I have a lot of faith in this project and your support is really valuable to me.

Wishing you all the best of everything,
Emmanuel (earrgames).

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

So, I finally did something... Downbreak needs your vote!

Hello there! after several months of hiatus I decided to try out a little concept I had in mind. Downbreak is maybe an strange game and certainly not for everyone, but if you like minesweeper you might really enjoy this game. The principles are simple, like in minesweeper you must avoid bombs, but this time the crates will fall and stack as you try to make your way down the tower. Give it a look!

Unfortunately, there are some online features I have not implemented since I need access to steam servers for that, that is why I didn't mention anything about this small game (took me more than it should though) yet, I wanted to have it done before putting it on steam but the steam API is necessary for the final steps. Anyway below is the campaign link, if you want to know more about it ;)

If you feel you might enjoy this game I would really appreciate your vote ;)

Sincerely, earrgames.

Friday, September 23, 2016

About the status of my site

Good morning, maybe many of you noticed that some (if not most) of the pictures on my site are broken, I don't come over here much if is not to post an information or project progress, it was a surprise for me to discover that Picasa web is no longer being supported(site where I hosted my blogger stuff), and even when they said my pictures are still there, some works, but some other doesn't, I'll be fixing that stuff soon, I'm about to partially finish a small project (you will soon see it on Steam Greenlight, hopefully), once I do that I'll make some updates to the site.

Take care!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Into The Gloom Backgrounds!

I just noticed some people extracted pictures from the steam backgrounds and used them in weird ways, some even started printing them on stuff and selling them on amazon(which, of course, without my consent is absolutely illegal, but you know at the end not everyone gives a fuck about that), so, why not posting them here too? you can use them for whatever personal purpose you have, desktop, profile, social media backgrounds, random compositions, fan art edits, sharing, whatever, anything that is not.. you know, selling them :P (Unless we agree something). Raw format of full size picture is JPG 1920 x 800, a bit wide, but is the same pictures you can unlock on Steam ;).

Friday, June 24, 2016

Into The Gloom SALE! 75%

So its been way too long time again, just decided to post something and polish a bit the site. In other news, my game is finally aging so its time for a clearance, you can get it now at 75% off on Steam store! yey XD

I hope you can get an enjoyable experience out of it, and, hopefully I'll be releasing something soon, I don't want to post information about it since it creates a bit of pressure on me, but if all goes as planned, around September-October I think it will be on Steam Greenlight! (I hope), I can just say is a very bloody pixel 3D game.

Best wishes.